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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ramadan/Eid Template on Google Docs

As salaamu alaikum, all,

Did you know that you can draw in Google Docs and save those drawings in common image formats such as, JPEG, PNG, GIF and SVG?

Loving to try new things, I worked up a super simple Ramadan/Eid Kit. It is freely available through Google Docs Templates.

The graphics are scalable free to use. Ad them to any documents used within Google Docs. I think they can be downloaded as well, but I'm not sure. The colors and text are customizable. I've also updated the by adding yellow starbursts. These starbursts are info bubbles and can be easily deleted.

Here's the Ramadan/Eid kit:


Simple Ramadan/Eid Kit

A very simple Ramadan/Eid kit

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