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Friday, September 12, 2008

A word about Imam Warith Deen Mohammad

When I became a Muslim, four of the Muslimahs who adopted me were from the Warith Deen community. I have benefited from the Warith Deen community so much in my 10+ years of Islam, yet it only dawned on me when the news of the Imam's death reached me.

I taught at a Clara Muhammad school and was paid a fair wage. My son attended the school as well. At that school, the principal was from Sudan, and the attendants of the masjid (located on the top level) were of many nationalities. The people were caring and the community was strong. They held fish frys on Fridays, and invited non-Muslims to come by and eat while we played cards and listened to jazz on the lawn.

When I moved back to my hometown, there was WD's community again. There was a primary and high school, a masjid in a plaza with small Muslim-owned businesses, not to mention a halal meat market where the operator has given me the BEST kefta recipe!

When I look at the dedication of this man, I can tell the work he and his community intended to do. Even my aunt who is a non-Muslim knew the reputation of Warith Deen. He made being Muslim in America "not so hard".

There was so much work to be done, and he was able to garner enough support to get those important things done. May Allah have mercy on Imam Warith Deen and forgive his sins, make the space in his grave wide, and grant him paradise, Ameen. May his community continue to move forward in the deen, continue the work of community service and outreach to their fellow citizens, Ameen.

I thank Allah for the work Imam Warith Deen has done.

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  1. It was an amazing janazah subhanAllah.

    Even his detractors must admit as much, there were over 8,000 there! We know the hadith that if 100 pray at a person's janazah he is forgiven.



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