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Friday, August 29, 2008

Bigger than him.

Some people may call Obama an "empty suit". Some may dislike him because he was not raised by an African-American, or in an African-American neighborhood. Some think that his ego needs to be put in check, while others think that he is all talk. I don't care what people think of Obama, his presidency could change the way People of Color, are perceived by their fellow citizens, and across the globe. Black people are not the only group to find encouragement and inspiration in an Obama presidency.

My son is who I want to benefit from an Obama presidency. I want people to stop being so surprised by our intelligent children, as if they are an exception. As if they are breaking some kind of rule. I want the possibility of my son being harassed by law enforcement to decrease. I want the expectations of my son and his peers to skyrocket. I want for regular decency and respect to be restored to the Black male, and Black family.

I have a lot of wants, and there are a lot of things I will not hesitate to fight for. I feel that my son is just as valuable as any other kid. He deserves to feel a sense of hope. He deserves to see a Black kid with an "peculiar" name be the leader of the "free world". A nickname largely earned by the struggle of Black people in the first place.

I know that none of this may be accomplished by an Obama presidency. I know that Barack might not win, or may worsen our reputation. I know that there must be radical changes is the way that some people think. True, I have lived through Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and W. Bush presidencies, but I am still here, and so is my son. We are determined regardless, but there is hope.

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