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Friday, May 11, 2007

To tell you the truth...

You know...

It is commonplace in many circles for people to discuss issues such as current events or politics without being 100% sure about the "information" they share.

Now...don't get it twisted, I don't expect for one to be some sort of scholar or even a high-school graduate! I only expect that one would try their hardest to speak truthfully.

Those in the African American community are sure to remember this. For those who were too lame to click the link, it is about the rumor that Liz Claiborne did not make her clothes for Black people and that Tommy Hilfiger didn't make his clothes for Black people either. It is sad that many people continue to believe that this rumor (and it's variants) are true. Liz was slandered to pieces because some didn't consider the truth of the matter. I don't really feel sorry for Liz (she still got dollar$), but she didn't deserve to be lied about.

The same goes for lying e-mails. OH MY WORD!

Look, I understand how irresistible it can be to read some sad or scary email and send it off quick as lightning, but please, please, please research the e-mail before you send it. You will just look dumb to the smart people on you contact list for sending them such crap, and they might start ignoring you.

To tell you the truth...I hate lying/partial truth emails. I feel depressed every time someone I respect sends one my way. It scares me that it is so accepted to spread misinformation in the information age. Such tall tales can be cross-checked quickly these days.

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