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Monday, May 14, 2007


I was watching a show about Africa, and was reminded about the same thought I had during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. I had been thinking about earth ships. I had originally seen one some years ago on a "Home" show on cable.

Earthships are made of old beverage cans, glass and plastic bottles, and old tires. I know the idea of living in a home made of trash doesn't sound appealing, but the results of such items mixed with earth, cement, and adobe can be quite amazing.

With all of the trash we make, and all of the homes that need building, an earthship may be a viable option for those who need a decent home and few resources. Even if there is no running water or electricity, an Earth Ship has the potential to provide comfortable housing. I'm sure that it would be better than this:


  1. That is amazing! They are actually quite beautiful..ok the lack of running water may present a problem :)
    Wouldn't it be something if instead of wasting our resources we actually used them to HELP others?

  2. Actually, they normally have running water and electricity.

    I mentioned the lack of running water and electricity due to the fact that there are several places where such amenities are not available, or only available to few.

    I really think they are pretty. And if you see pictures of the interior, they are really attractive.

    Who knew that the bottoms of glass bottles would be so beautiful?


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