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Thursday, November 02, 2006

A few months ago, I posted about the oppression of Muslim men. It was a comedic post(inspired by Dave Chappelle and Maniac Muslim) about the criticisms of Muslim women in modest clothing. I wanted to address the absurdity of the Western argument against the hijab/veil.

On the one hand, you have Muslim women who wear long scarves, long dresses, and veils. On the other hand you have some men who dress just as modestly as the women, some even wearing veils.

The fact that there are Muslim men who sometimes surpass Muslim women in modest dress is somehow not up for discussion. They wear just as much fabric as the Muslim woman, if not more. Where are their champions for freedom?(lol)

The other issue is of integrating into Western Society. It is amusing to watch some people in the West criticize Muslims because of the veil, and how it is some form of oppression. When those same Muslim women come to the West, are they treated any better? It really is quite amazing to see Westerners exemplify a culture of oppression toward Muslim women, while slinging accusations of oppression toward the heads of her homeland. Am I surprised that many Western countries would rather insult veiled women than empower them? Nope. Clearly the intention is not one of empowering women and definitely not Muslim women. If it were the case, they wouldn't be telling women "What Not To Wear".

I don't wear a veil, but I support my sisters who do.
Re-edited on 5/26/07

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