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Friday, September 01, 2006

Thoughts: Near Ramadan

As salaamu alaikum, I am a little excited about Ramadan. It seems to happen every year that I get giddy every time Ramadan is near! My hope is that I retain the good habits and devotion that tends to increase during Ramadan, permanently.

I at least wish to me more mindful that each Ramadan is meant to impact the rest of my life. Insha Allah we all will increase in devotion and maintain that devotion.

I plan to make extremely simple and easy meals this year. I can't spend my Ramadan worrying about breakfast and dinner. Eid, however, is a different story! I plan to make it a true celebration. Also, I plan to make most of my gifts this year and I plan to include my non-Muslim family. Insha Allah!

I hope to purchase my other gifts from the Ummah, Insha Allah. My hope for this year is that there be no confusion in my region as to when Ramadan ends. Last year was the pits. May Allah make it easy for us, Ameen. Zaid Shakir has an article on Zaytuna titled Approaching Ramadan. Your thoughts?

*Photo Courtesy of Fanano under Creative Commons Liscence.


  1. Ramadan is supposed to be a month of good deeds and cutting back on our bad qualities, which each of us has many.

    I think sometimes we forget that once Ramadan is finished, we are supposed to continue and inhabit some of the good we practised during Ramadan.

    It is easy to fall back to old habits once Ramadan is finished.

    I also agree about the food. Some people actually gain weight during Ramadan. People prepare elaborate meals, etc. It is really not supposed to be the time of food but drawing near to Allah.

    Inshallah, Allah will grant you and all of us a good Ramadan, and help to make it beneficial for us.

    Thanks for reminding us of the importance of a true Ramadan.

  2. Thankyou for the reminder.

    Lets get prepared for it now.

    How the sahabahs, used to spend 6 months preparing for this blessed month.

    Whatever we do, we should increase our good works, and spend time with the Quran...

  3. Salaam 'Alaikum

    I just re-read that Imam Zaid article before I came here. Subhan'Allah. I've been putting some Ramadan and other stuff on my iPod so that, during this long flight over the Atlantic, I can at least use that time to (hopefully) sit there and really think about it. I won't have the distractions of cleaning, cooking, errands, whatever... I also agree with what M. Shahin wrote. -- Umm Zaid

  4. Many people think that after maghrib is the time to binge. They are wrong. Ramadan is supposed to be for purification and not to make a habit of binging after maghrib. Normally, when I eat I observe a "one plate rule." I will only eat one normal sized plate of food...unless there is fruit and dessert.


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