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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Wonderful World...

Summer Storm
Originally uploaded by Stuck in Customs.
of HDR images.


I was browsing through Flickr, and I discovered the name of a imaging technique called HDR. The images rendered are awesome, and the effects vary from subtle to dramatic. I know that there are some camera loving Muslims out there, so I thought I'd share my discovery. A fellow flickerer has created a tutorial.

For more info, hit the Google search box, and for examples, visit the HDR photo cluster.

I even managed to find a photo of a Muslimah manipulated by HDR effects.


  1. Yes very nice indeed. Still, the graphics on your site are wonderful too. Good opportunity to let me say so.

  2. Masha Allah,

    Thanks for the compliment!

  3. I can see why people find these types of pics beautiful but to tell you the honest truth they've always creeped me out! I don't know why... I think its the unreal quality to them. I see them as menacing somehow.
    But like neuro said your graphics are lovely. Very friendly, happy, some hither and enjoy my blog type of graphics!

  4. Salaam 'alaykum,

    Very cool!

    I've seen these types of images around so thanks for the pointer to the tutorial.


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