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Friday, August 25, 2006

What's been going on?

What's been going on?

Photograph of Rafflesia arnoldii
I discovered a stinky plant called the Rafflesia which is said to be the largest flowering plant in the world.

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I turned 28 on August 23. Am I an old woman now? Doesn't matter, Alhamdulillah for the years. Blogger also had a birthday.

Muslim children are totally awesome. Insha Allah I will have more parental posts.

See Hear Speak no evil! Should we wait until now to remember this? Of course not, but reminder benefits the believers. Introducing: the month of Shaban .

IzzyMo is a Starvin' Artist, but with artwork like this , she shouldn't be for long. Consider her works for eid gifts, Insha Allah. They are beautiful and well worth it.


  1. Assalamualaykum sister

    Happy belated birthday wish to you. Just found your blog and web page today - enjoy it. Perhaps you can read mine too - it's more on motivation and inspiring.

    May Allah shower you with happiness and good health. Inshaallah.

  2. Walalaikum as salaam sister,

    Thanks for the kind words and Birthday wishes. May Allah have Mercy on you, amin.

    I did visit your blog and the poetry is awesome. I'm glad you have a presence online.


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