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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I Feel Good...(still)

Umm Zaid of has a titled,"Part II: The Green American. The purpose of the article is to promote a more unified, and thoughtful Ummah, so that we may be considered assets to American society. In both a speech made by Hamza Yusuf and within her own post, there is the idea of giving props where they are due, no matter the faith, culture, race, political persuasion, or nationality of an individual, when it comes to speaking the truth and doing what is right. Truth and right action are what Allah has commanded us, and what we have learned from the Rasulullah

About a year ago, the bombings in London as well as personal experiences had prompted me to write a small "Thank you" message on my other blog Blinglish(now defunct). I reference a song I like, and bring the two ideas together. Not going to go into music debates, as my intentions are what they are. Ulitmately Allahu Alim.

From the Blinglish Archives-July 9 2005
I do feel good too. Although there were bombings in London, I feel good that I was blessed to have the mind not to do those types of things. Yes, after this the Muslims will be under another microscope.

This is annoying, but what I love is the fact that there are so many non-Muslims who are good to me everyday. Some of them don't know if I am muslim or not( yes, sometimes the headscarf does not give it away!). Some do, but I must say that overall, good people are GOOD PEOPLE! I am so blessed that the people I meet are wonderful, and I want everyone else to know that random acts of kindness I recieve inspire me to be a better person and everyone else should allow themselves to do the same.

Just TODAY, a woman did all she could to encourage, and help me and my family achieve a goal we wanted to reach. When my car spun out on the highway (I was facing West while traffic was headed South), a woman(she witnessed the whole thing) pulled over to calm me down and to make sure that I was okay(she actually held me as a mother would. I thank Allah because her kind spirit came right when I needed it). She told me I was blessed, ensured me that all would be okay, and drove off. This is what I mean...
It is only fair that I let non-muslims know how much thier goodness is appreciated, so Thank You. That's what's up!..."

Now back to the Gorillaz... Is Feel Good Inc., a hot song or what? Adding , just made the gumbo taste even better! This is great.

posted by Dynamite Soul @ 7:15 PM ( Edited for clarity.)

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