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Friday, June 09, 2006


SUHAA talks Techno-Wudu!!


  1. I posted these comments at Suhaa's blog---

    A little late on this discussion, but my 2cents anyways:

    Theres a very high need for water reuse in Arab Gulf region. With ever increasing population and limited natural water resources, the governments always encourages creative ways of reusing waste water for purposes like Landscape beautification, etc.

    With this Idea, the water used for face/throat cleaning can be separated from those used to wash hands/feet. The waste water from hands/feet can be easily reused for watering landscape around the mosque area. (Water from Face wash is much grey and not ideal for mosque vicinity)

    Governments in this region have to spent huge budget on converting desert into green, and such creative suggestions can be very helpful.

    One just need to do a little Maths to know how much this will benefit a country like UAE where we have masha-allah hundreds of mosque and hundred-thousands gallons of water used daily for wudu.

  2. Thanks for the insight. That adds a different perspective to the wudu device. If it allocates a certain amount of water to be used, it could result in better water conservation.


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