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Monday, June 05, 2006

Read this blog in Arabic

Google Translate & Gmail are now both for use in Arabic. At this time the Arabic is in BETA mode, but is available for use. Although it is not to be used for religious text, I think Google Translate and for Arabic(BETA) and is pretty cool. See below.

English to ArabicBETA

غوغل ترجمه & غمايل هي متاحه باللغه العربيه. في هذا الزمن العربي بيتا في طريقه ، بل هي متاحه للاستخدام. وعلي الرغم من عدم استخدام النص الديني ، اعتقد غوغل ترجم الي العربيه (بيتا) جميله هادءه.

Arabic to EnglishBETA

Ggl translation & Gmail is available in Arabic(العربيه). In this time of Arab houses in the way, but it is available for use. In spite of the non-use of the religious text, I think Ggl translated into Arabic (beta) pretty calm.

Note "BETA" was translated as being the Arabic term for "houses". It needs some work(hence the BETA), but I think it is coming along pretty well. Insha Allah this will enable us to connect and understand each other better.

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