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Friday, June 23, 2006

Muslims & the West

There is a report available which attempts to analyze the attitudes and relationships between the West and Muslims.

On the heels of that report is news that there are "Radical Black Muslims" who are suspected to be involved in terrorism and at least one of them is said to have taken an "oath to Al-Qaida"(we don't know what that is specifically).

Is the "Radical Black Muslim" title one which they named themselves as, or was it given to them by other folk? I am personally tired of people stating that somehow, the Blackness of something makes it different from the Whiteness of the same thing. For one, it assumes that the general public can tell the difference between Muslims who happen to be Black and not "Radical", from those who are Muslim, Black, and Radical. The general public clearly cannot, and many care not(props to those who do care).


The Sears Tower is said to have been a possible target. If this is true, it would be ironic that this Muslim brother had a hand in it's design.


  1. Asalaamu alaikum.

    The group in question is not Muslim, neither by their own profession, nor by their ideology. They have nothing to do with Islam, but because they are willing to become affiliated with Al-Queda, they were assumed to be such. This is a clear case of the media running with something without any knowledge of what they were talking about. If a KKK member pledged support to Al-Queda, would his group then be denounced as Muslims and extremists? Probably not. This was just an example of racism and lumping all the "bad guys" together.

  2. I should let you know that the media source which I gathered this information from had mentioned that the Law-enforcement is who labeled these guys as "Radical Black Muslims" and then "Radical Muslims".

    That is very sad and scary because these men seem to have minimal Islamic influence( i.e nicknames like "brother naz", "brother sunni"), and they wear stars of David and one of the members had dreadlocks.

    I would like to see how law enforcement personel will defend their choice of labeling the suspects.

  3. Isn't it funny that we haven't heard anything else about these so-called Muslim militants, since it came out that they're not Muslim??

  4. aaminah: It's hilarious. Uproarious even.

    Anderson Cooper is supposed to be reporting on the suspects tonight(I think).

    The crazy part about it is that Miami is a very diverse place, and there are all kinds of politics there between nationalities and religions.

    There are Cubans, Jamaicans, Hatians, Jews, Muslims, Catholics, Rastafarians, etc.

    It is a mystery that a group which calls itself "The Seas If David" wearing stars of David on thier clothing, and at least one of the members of the group wearing dredlocks, that one assumes that there is and Islamic affiliation rather than a Rastafarian or Jewish affiliation.

    We don't "rock" the Star of David.


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