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Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Beds

People have made them for years. Some take lots of care while making their beds. Others lump everything on their beds, then cover the lumps and bulges with covers. Sometimes I have had to ball up a shirt and stuff it under a pillow during a morning rush.

I'd return home tired due to the activities of the day. After taking care of my home duties I'd plop onto the bed, and guess what was still there? The shirt. I'd then have to get up and put the shirt in it's proper place so that I could sleep that night. Some of the complaining and finger-pointing of the day reminds me of the bed. People are losing sleep over the problems they create daily, and the misaddressed issues of the past and present.

"Boohoo! We colonized these lands and became rich off of their resources without sharing that wealth and now the natives are restless!"

"Oh MY WORD! We enslaved these people and/or used them for cheap labor and now they are multiplying in our country and coming here in droves!"

"GEEPERS! These people are angry because we stood by as their nation suffered and did not use our power to help them!"

"OH NO! They are having a civil war because we positioned the ruler of that nation for our personal gain!"

"GAAAWLY! We are hypocrites because we talk about lack of human rights in other countries, while we are angry when our own violation of human rights is the main topic of discussion!"
Then you have...

"OH! MAN! Even though every person I sleep with is a potential parent to my child, I must ignore this fact so that I can please my lower self!"

"DUDE! I am in jail because I broke the law even though I knew what I did was wrong!"

"HOLY CUPCAKES BATMAN! I am obese because I eat what I like even though I know it is wrong!"

"Aww SNAP! I was fired because I acted like a slacker even though I knew that slacking off is a sure fire way to be terminated!"

"FIDDLESTICKS! Some Simpleton is ruining the country and removing my “freedums” because I neglected to properly utilize my right to vote in a discerning manner!"

"Great Caesar's Ghost! I won't graduate because partying was obviously more important to me!"

I could go on and on. We all have had a messy bed at some point. Some in worse shape than others. The world at large is riddled with crappy beds filled with dirty shirts, cookie crumbs, blind eyes, cold-cuts, and cold shoulders. Who would want to rest in such filth? Apparently there are a lot of people who live most of their lives with their beds in this condition.

Some of us have beds so junky that it will take many days to clear off. Many societies have years worth of debris to remove from their beds before everyone will be able to sleep at night. As a Mulim and regular old human being I know that covering things up will never allow me to rest in peace, nor will I be able to stand upright or walk straight through the Day.

A translation of what Allah the Exalted says is:

"Closer and closer to mankind comes their Reckoning: yet they heed not and they turn away." (Al-Anbiya' 21:1)

Your Sis,
Dynamite Soul

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