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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Saving Face

A friend had inquired about my daily beauty regimen. The following is what I told her I used. I decided to share this info with you all as well. Brotha's, take notes because my husband uses this stuff too. Don't let those ladys at the top make you feel like you don't belong!

42-15601142 42-16056598 Aloe awesome for my skin. My face tingled like crazy the first time I put the fresh aloe on. I was fanning my face and hoping my face wouldn't fall off. The reality was that I had not been taking good care of my skin, so the aloe had a lot of work to do. My skin was unharmed by the aloe, and after a few days of use, blemishes I thought would take a long time to fade just peeled off.

42-16073142 42-16479728 Vitamin E is an excellent moisturizer and it helps fight blemishes as well. It works wonders in the winter. In the warmer months I blend Vitamin E with Aloe Vera Gel( bottle). The effects of the blend balance my skin and give it an even glow. I would recommend that you use veg capsules or bottled Vitamin E from a plant source to remain within Islamic guidelines. For more information on Vitamin E click here.
42-16038919 CB066340 Limes are sublime! I love to use the juice on my face. It is great to tighten the pores, It comes with a tingle too, so have your fan ready! Lime juice and oil are used in hundreds of skin care products for its aromatic, cleansing, and toning properties.

AR1351 42-15481921 Cocoa Butter is the best. It is used in a multitude of skin products, but I like it in its natural form best. Cocoa butters has been a great general moisturizer for the body. I like using in the winter rather than the summer. It is really a butter, so in its natural form it will melt. Keep out of the pockets and the sun. Also, beware of using any nut products if you have allergies to them. Cocoa Butter can clog the pores, and I use it mainly during the winter months. During the summer months, the use of coco butter in conjunction with aloe is said to repair sunburn. Lastly, you really don't need to use as much cocoa butter as the young lady has in the photo!

images Shea Butter is the best. It has actually been noted to block UV rays due to the cinnamic acid it contains. I have been using it for about 6 years and it is a wonderful moisturizer for dry skin. I too is derived from a nut(Karite) and therefor may be problematic if one has an allergy to nuts. It doesn't clog the pores, but it will melt in the heat. Keep shea butter in a cool place. If it melts it will harden when placed in a cooler environment. For more on the benefits of Shea Butter, click here.

blacksoap Black Soap is sensational. It is crazy for me to have to add this tidbit, but has it's name because of the general color of it, all can use it. It can be harsh on sensitive skin. One with normal skin should avoid overuse. I personally like to apply it locally to an area which has a blemish or acne. I avoid the eye area and I only use a pinch. The softness of the soap allows one to use as mush or little as you need. Black Soap has anti-microbal properties. I suggest you do a google search to find out more and judge it for yourself.

IMG_2398 Tea Tree oil is terrific. It will kill any rash or bite. I diluted it with water and treated my son's cradle cap. Only one application made the cradle cap disappear forever. It will dry out acne while repairing the skin. It soothes mosquito bites in an instant. There is not enough I can say about it. I have been using it for about 8 years now and it hasn't failed me. I prefer Thursdays Plantation and I would avoid tea tree oil in clear bottles.

42-16219823 The Rusulullah (s.a.w.s.) has prescribed several remedies to both external and internal ailments, Alhamdulillah. Some of this help from Allah and His Messenger are included in a book named Natural Healing With The Medicine Of The Prophet distributed by Pearl Publishing House. The Book of Sufi Healing may also contain some great information related to this post. I lent it out and haven't seen it in years, so I forget if it is relevant or not.

42-15997937 I am not a Doctor. Be sure to consult a qualified health professional before adding anything new to your regimen.

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