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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Just a Reminder...

I was thinking about the toll Ignorance has taken on people in the past and present. Looking at your left hand side, you see JIM Crow. This illustration was said to have been done by an Irishman of all people. There are so many illustrations like this.

Next up we have a Native American holding a jersey which says "GO FIGHTIN' WHITES". Surely a reaction to how Native Americans have been brushed with a broad stroke as to who they are, and how they look. Being a Mascot apparently isn't all that they are.
Here we have the stereotypical Mexican depiction. Although I have seen this several times in the movies, I have yet to run into a Mexican with this type of attire.
Now here is a doozie. This one is Anti-Japanese propraganda, made in the USA. Although now we only think of them as excellent martial artists and heads of the class( I'm being sarcastic of course), I am sure that this was hard to see by Japanese Americans.
Ahh yes. This one is the order of the day these days. It seems as though Muslims and Arabs are the ultimate Bad Guys. How sad being that the Majority of these "Bad Guys", in America have actually been pretty decent citizens with high moral standards. I went to school with Muslims. Yet they were not the ones fighting all of the time. How ironic.
This one is classic. Here there is an Irishman on the right, and an African on the left (they were not African Americans because they had no rights..). The stinging reality of this is that it was the ultimate insult to be compared to an African. So while the Irish are insulted, and yet again the African is denegrated.
Of course. This one hasn't died either. The depiction of a Jew as being Money Hungry among other various depictions of them. This hurtful and unnecessary.
So what am I saying?
There are many others who have had to go through this. When we paint people with a broad brush, we do the EXACT same thing that has been done to us. What I am saying is REMEMBER. Then, if someone really does SUCK, then stay away from them, but don't count them out because of your preconceived notions!

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