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Monday, March 13, 2006

Are men really from Mars?

The answer is no, but they sure did provide some great pictures of that planet. I wonder if they are researching Mars so that they can build Sport-o-Land. All sports all the time? Arena's everywhere, and every bathroom has that oh so special lockeroom look and feel( and smell...ugh!). Lets hope not. Google has provided some wonderful pictures of Mars as well as some great links, thanks to NASA. When you get a chance, go and check it out. I am sure the kids will especially get a kick out of it. :)

Image Credit NASA/ GSFC/ Arizona State University


  1. Hi..Love your entries..ver informative..can we link up?mine is

  2. Thanks! I've been meaning to get to my blog links. I'll try to "get the lead out", and add you.


  3. the entire space exploration program frightens me. our culture, and humanity in general, being so imperialistic and petty--makes me fear that one day the heavens will be a festering commercial hellhole. i.e. holes mined in the moon, constellations realigned to form national emblems and nike swooshes, and even all sports all the time on mars.

  4. I hear ya Skanksta. What you invision is not far fetched at ALL.

    Speaking of heavens, did you see the Moon last night? It was bigger than I had ever seen it here. Quite beautiful.

  5. The moon has been great lately. It is again tonight.

    RYC: I hope you, my fellow ATLien, find Liberty rather than Death. More specifically, I hope you find Liberty before Death finds you--as it will surely find us all.


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