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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Looney Toons

A Rant:

A cartoon claiming to
depict the Prophet Muhammad(peace and blessings be upon him), has
appeared in newspapers world-wide. The toon is said to depict a man
with a bomb-shaped turban, and it was intended to be our beloved
Prophet Muhammad.

There have
been so many inquiries as to why the Muslim community have not spoken
out against the violence.


There needs to be an
inquiry as to why most Media ignores us Muslims when we do?

Muslims donate to causes or condemn violence, there is little news
concerning this.

In my city,
there are about 3 or 4 media organizations within walking distance to
a masjid(mosque if you will), and within a few kilometers of a major
24 hour cable news organization. How many of them are eager to hear
the Muslim voices in America who do condemn violence?

times like these, I often find myself in the,

please don't let them be..." (choose a., b., c. or d.)

a. Muslim

2. b. Black
c. a Woman

4. d. All of the

...because really,
if one of us does or is accused of something terrible, it is somehow
instantly inherent in all of us to do that very thing. Whereas when
one of us does something wonderful or admirable, they are considered
"tokens" who represent few to none of us, if we are even
acknowledged at all.

perception of Muslims worldwide is not even the thing the worries me
the most. I am used to that part. The real questions are, "When
do Muslims learn that nothing can be achieved by simply being violent
and ignorant?", "Has this behavior gotten anyone anywhere
at any time?",and lastly "Can you give me an example of
success with this type of behavior?".

is with those who hold steadfast to Islam and it is our Prophet(peace
be upon him) who remains the example. This means that we can't have
success when we behave in a way that is outside of this example, and
if you think you do, then the joke is on you.

issue. We are Muslims now but our predecessors may not have been.
When Islam was established, there were people of many cultures and
tribes who were attracted to it. Why do you think that is? Do you
think it is because Muslims rioted, burned, became irrational, and
scared people have to death? Emphatically NO!


They have got to be
joking. Why someone would make fun of this speaks volumes about their
humanity. Allah is the Judge of His creation. Far too many groups of
people have undergone genocide. Shall the Muslims be made light of if
such a thing happens to them? Oh wait! I forgot! It is happening now
in Sudan.

Let's show our love
of the Prophet(peace and blessing be upon him) by operating in a way
in which would please Allah. Let us err on the side of caution rather
than err on the side of emotion.

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