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Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Being of the Hip Hop generation, I sometimes notice interesting things that remind me of the culture. Below is one of those things. I did a little research to see when the first graffiti artists came on the scene. Funny enough, it was said to be around 1972 or so. Sorry, my inquiring mind wanted to know. This artistic piece was done in 1969 as stated below. The artist Rick Griffin could have been an influence to graffiti artists during this time. This is one of his works.

"Promethean ENTERPRISES #1 (1969 one printing only) Fan magazine publication from San Jose California features ravenous mouse using sword to devour battling eyeball creatures on front cover, Griffin ink illustration centerspread features unused Steppenwolf cover drawing and photo of Rick playing guitar in an alley. Next two pages are Griffin illos also. In addition, there's work by Rob Brown, R. Crumb, Greg Irons, Bob Inwood, George Metzgers AND an inside border / logo by GRIFFIN. Very Rare 8 l/2 x ll 32 pages with quality stock on cover and interior. B+ 200.00"

rick griffin's grafitti-esque logodesign from 1969

-from my Blinglish blog

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