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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Water Water Everywhere...

Nor Any Drop To Drink!

The average American being EATS or Drinks SEVERAL TIMES in 24 hours. 24hrs X 5 is how long these people have gone WITHOUT clean FOOD or WATER.

One Hundred Twenty HOURS!

  1. no food
  2. no water
  3. no shelter
  4. no bed
  5. no bath
  6. no toothbrush
  7. no toothpaste
  8. no deodorant
  9. no combs
  10. no brushes
  11. no clean dry clothing
  12. no shoes
  13. no diapers(child OR adult)
  14. no pads for menstruation
  15. no medicine
  16. no phone
  17. no electricity
  18. no working toilets

pick any ONE of these that you are willing to do without for 24 hrs, let alone 120hrs.

just one.

Now picture your thirsty, hungry, dirty, smelly, homeless existence...

Go without knowing where the members of your family, friends, & neighbors are.

Better yet, replay in your minds, their drowning in water, death by lack of food, death by lack of water, or by premature birth without hospital resources.

Look at your crying famished baby or young child and see them suffer from hunger.

Look at your ailing elders.

Think about the fact that you don't have transportation to leave..

Now picture that your suffering is overshadowed by the criminal activity of others.

The entire place is a giant write-off. As far as those people saw, NO ONE WAS HELPING THEM. They didn't have a RADIO or TV to KNOW, remember? So perhaps, wrong as it is, those people who had NOTHING and saw NO HELP were thinking that they & others could survive from those goods. They saw NO Signs of HELP..

There were certainly people who were acting like fools, but judging pictures without context is not intelligent at all. It is VERY easy to see someone of African Decent doing something, and think of them more negatively. This is a fact. And I don't even want to get into the press and their views of a "looter" v. a "finder. I hate race issues and I hope everything is resolved because clearly, regardless of race, most people feel for the victims of Katrina.

This event was a test to see where humanity is, and an opportunity to show humanity.

For goodness sake, pass the test.

-from my Blinglish blog when I pretty po'd

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